The misadventures of a (not so)super robot

Characters: Christina

Christina Vanni

The Femme Fatale with a Shining Pink Sheen

First appearance: 003 - Chris-chan’s DYNAMIC ENTRY!

The inventor who created Skeeter and his robot companions. Although Skeeter is a constant annoyance to her, she loves him, and always tries to do her best for him and the other robots. She came out to Skeeter, and has since begun dating Alejandrina, much to Skeeter’s disdain. Her pink hair is the result of a rare hereditary trait in her family. She was once nicknamed “Chris-chan,” but she’s long since put it behind her – should it be brought up by anyone, there will be hell to pay.

I created Christina as a joke character, actually. Her name was thought up specifically with puns in mind – coincidentally, it’s an anagram for Christian (heck, just flip the last two letters around), and so Christianity is the religion her family belongs to; also, “Chris-chan” (yes, it is a Sonichu reference) is pronounced almost similarly, which added to the pun. However, I didn’t feel like it caught on, so I removed her braces and excised the “Chris-chan” moniker. Now, she’s one of my favorite characters in this strip. Oh, the wonders of a name.