The misadventures of a (not so)super robot

Characters: Gordon


Scoundrel with a Useless Propeller

First appearance: 001 - Here comes Skeeter (and his brain)! (as Skeeter’s brain); 082 - Skeeter’s New Buddy (as Gordon)

Originally, Gordon was Skeeter’s brain. He would frequently spout rubbish, most of it critical of Skeeter -- and women. Soon enough, the chip inside it was placed inside a new robot built by Christina - and thus, Gordon was born. He and Skeeter are best friends, but it doesn’t really show - he’s a woman-hater, about as big a jackass as they come, and is pretty much a load. He is a frequent target of Shiro, and Wobbuffet doesn’t even seem to notice him. For all these faults, Gordon is good for a few things - being a walking joke, a windbag, and a born (well, technically, made, but you get the gist) loser.

Gordon is actually among my least favorite characters in this strip. I haven’t really defined any personality traits for him other than that he’s a misogynist. I’ve actually even considered writing him out of the comic a good few times, in a gruesome fashion - but I guess he’s here to stay. Oh, well - as I always say, “Live and let yellow.”