The misadventures of a (not so)super robot

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The Storm of SinnohMarian

First appearance: 009: Stalker in the Bush

Microphone? Light-brown hair? Extreme ham? Yep, it’s Marian, all right! The Sinnoh Pokémon Contest announcer is one of the only non-original characters in the whole comic, and yet, despite her rather limited screen time in her home show, is honestly one of my favorite characters ever. Really, I don’t know why. Really. She is one of the few people who can actually tolerate Trollman, and from what outside sources have told me, she doesn't find Scrappy-Doo too bad, either. Aww… Anyhow, she was a fixture in the earlier strips, but she hasn’t made much appearances in the recent ones. I’ve actually changed her outfit for this strip (twice!)… In hindsight, that was pretty jackass of me.


Fastest Bitch in TownPippi                     

First appearance: 013 – Johnny’s so long at the DARE!

Pippi’s your basic rich bitch. She’s also a pretty fast runner, but I doubt that she’s faster than Sonic. Her relationship with Skeeter is a questionable one – sometimes, she’s a bitch to him; other times, she’s his foil. In any case, don’t expect any good to come out of their encounters together. Before you ask, yes, I did design her with Pippi Longstocking in mind, but at one point, I replaced her twin pigtails with a single ponytail. The single red mark on her mouth ties in with her allegorical nature.


Aping FunnieRico Sharp

First appearance: 046 – AmBUSHED!

Rico probably suffers just as much as Skeeter, but his scant appearances suggest otherwise. His outfit is wildly similar to that of Doug Funnie, but no one (except me) knows why. He has superhuman strength and a crush on Pippi – neither of which he’s displayed. Although he and Birch Small are rivals, Rico did give her some advice at one point (and then some). His weight was formerly his weakest aspect, but this has abated recently.


The Manga ManiacBirch Small

First appearance: 046 – AmBUSHED!

The protagonist of My Life Me (look it up), one of the few non-original characters in the strip. She and Rico are rivals, but deep down, she cares deeply for him and doesn’t want anything to happen to him. Skeeter, however, may be her biggest rival. She’s a major annoyance to Skeeter (but not as much as Trollman or Alejandrina), and often refers to him as “silly boy,” a massive pet peeve of Skeeter. She hasn’t been seen in a while, so you can bet that Skeeter is bursting with giddiness right now.


The Green Beast / The Artist Formerly Known as AlejandraAlejandrina Valdes

First appearance: 116 – What Nonsense Is She?!

Christina’s girlfriend. You know what they say: “Opposites attract.” Well, that saying doesn’t go quite well here, but Christina and Alejandrina hit it off anyway, and now they’re like a moth to a flame. Alejandrina is a morose young woman straight out of twelve long years in the looney bin, during which time she lost all sense of emotion other than forlornness. She never smiles, and is constantly wrestling with her inner sanctum. On the plus side, she never gets angry, never raises her voice, and is actually smarter than one might think. (Just don’t tell that to Skeeter – he can’t stand her!) All of Alejandrina’s dialogue is written in a pink font in pale-green word balloons.


The Patient Pokémon/ Punching Bag From HellWobbuffet

First appearance: 143 – All Is Well

Wobbuffet, the Psychic-type Patient Pokémon, is a creature of extremes. It saved Skeeter from a predator out of nowhere, and for some odd reason, Skeeter let it hang around him and his friends. It was a questionable idea – the two have a love-hate relationship, and – as you would expect – and keeps shouting its name and doing its trademark salute, to the annoyance of everyone around it… but mostly Skeeter. As it turns out, it has its own pet peeves – it hates Skeeter’s singing.

The fact that Wobbuffet is even in this comic begs the question, “Why is Wobbuffet even in this comic?” Because it’s my favorite Pokémon, that’s why! In fact, I consider Wobbuffet to be just as major a character as Skeeter, Gordon, Rose, and Christina. It’s also very fun to draw, even if its four feet put quite a strain on me.


The Manic MoleHenry the Mole

First appearance: 118 – Three Mistake-eteers

His real name is Henry Darius Mole. He seldom makes appearances in this comic, but whenever he does appear, he’s either doing one of various odd jobs or nothing at all. He speaks in a strange accent – its origin is unknown, and it’s so strange it’s rendered in the Cuckoo font. Skeeter tries to make friends with him, but he continually acts annoying. Henry has since landed a starring role in the Skeeter spinoff, Henry the Mole.



First appearance: 005 – A mystery opponent!

Trollman hates Skeeter with a burning passion. In the early comics, Trollman would often troll Skeeter for days on end. This no longer happens often. Trollman is very smart and is tired of reading this. Trollman wants a website of Trollman comics. It would be much better. Why does Trollman not have a full character page?! What a joke. Trollman should have a full character page. Why do the idiot robots have full pages instead of the great and mighty and awesome Trollman? A pox on you-Trollman