The misadventures of a (not so)super robot

Characters: Rose


The Purple Wonder

First appearance: 007 – Love at First Byte

Rose is Skeeter’s girlfriend. She shares much of the same interests as he, but her love of Smash Bros. might actually be greater. She refuses to say it, but she can actually use the famous Falcon Punch. Her hairstyle constantly changes, but the distinctive curl on top is always intact. Her personality is actually highly contradictory – just ask her!

Rose’s changing hairstyles are the result of me never remembering her definitive hairstyle (it’s bobbed, with some split ends). I introduced her as “Roseskeet,” but that was just silly; she’s not a direct knockoff of Skeeter (though I did create a female version…). She appeared in most early strips, but I haven’t featured her as often. Oh well. It’s still nice for Skeeter to have a significant other.