The misadventures of a (not so)super robot

Characters: Skeeter


The Smasher with a Cherry on Top

First appearance: 001 - Here comes Skeeter (and his brain)!

Skeeter is the main character. A genial - albeit frequently suffering - robot, Skeeter would much rather prefer playing Super Smash Bros. than doing the chores and other stuff he was built for. Unfortunately for him, he rarely has a chance to even get near a console. To add insult to injury, he secretly feels that the world is out to get him, and sometimes it’s true. However, Skeeter loves his family - so to speak - and is always glad to be by their side. Well, not always.

Skeeter, as the protagonist, is one of my favorite characters to draw. He’s incredibly easy, and it only takes three colors to give him his distinct appearance. He was originally much blockier when I first designed him, but the mark on his torso was always in place. “Where did it come from?” you may ask. It’s like the Smash Bros. symbol - the exact origin is unclear. One thing’s for sure - it’s NOT an equal sign rotated 90 degrees. Not at all.